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Monochrome tones and stripes for summer are ideal for keeping your summer wardrobe stylish yet simple. Even if you are a fully fledged black outfit aficionado, wearing black in the height of summer can feel a little odd. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing black in the summer time, but learning how to wear classic monochrome tones for the warmer weather will help you to differentiate your summer wardrobe from your winter wardrobe. Over recent weeks I've noticed that I've established some sort of obsession with horizontal stripes. So much so that when it's laundry time, all you see on my washing rack are stripes! But you can never have too many stripes or monochrome, right?!

The capsule wardrobe concept allows you to curate a well put together collection of items that require little to no styling! Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?! I’ve written a few posts on how to build a capsule wardrobe – the classic capsule wardrobe and how to build a capsule wardrobe for travel. But if you’re wondering how you can apply the capsule wardrobe practices to organise and streamline your own wardrobe, here are the three main things you need in order to get started!

This Christmas gift guide is all about gifts for her. Stylish and sophisticated gift ideas for your female friends and relatives. Generally when Christmas shopping, it is best to surprise Children, give men items that they need, and buy women presents that they want! This list of gifts for her will make your Christmas shopping for the girls in your life much easier. And don't worry about cost either - there is something in this gift guide to suit every budget!

The Mark Hill Wonder Ball brush is a hair brush like nothing I’ve seen or used before. This brush offers 6 unique ways to easily style and blow dry your hair with ease. Although upon first glance, the brush does look slightly unapproachable, its clever bristle formation means that it is impossible for you to get your hair knotted in the brush whilst twisting and flicking sections when using a hair dryer. This brush is for you of your looking for a normal hair brush that doubles up as an elite hair styling tool, making blow drying your hair easy and manageable for anybody!

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