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Interior design isn’t for everyone, but one look at this stunning Kate Spade home décor collection and you’re sure to change your mind pronto! This is why I love the ever evolving Kate Spade home décor line. The Kate Spade home furnishings collection appeals to minimalists, as well as those who adore intricate detail or pops of colour. If you’re looking to add just a few statement furnishings to your living area, look to Kate Spade’s interior collection, which offers a beautiful assortment of individual items for you to choose from. What I love most about this product line is that you don’t need to buy up the entire collection in order to brighten up your home; just 1-2 small but stylish pieces can make all the difference!

Running from February 16th – February 20th 2018, London Fashion Week 2018 #LFW2018 has just concluded and as usual, it's got everybody buzzing with conversation and excitement. Although the biannual event always makes headlines, nobody was expecting  to see yesterday’s surprise visitor who came to watch the final show of the season. Here's a concise roundup of the highlights and trend forecast from AW18 LDN fashion week.

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