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This style guide will teach you exactly how to create a travel capsule wardrobe full of every item you will ever need. A capsule wardrobe for travel doesn’t just stop at choosing clothes to pack. There are many other factors to consider, such as garment care and selecting the right colours for seasonal travel. Creating a capsule wardrobe (or several for different occasions) will save you time, stress and money. They give structure to a wardrobe and help you to define your personal style.  Have you got your pen and paper ready for this lesson?

Monochrome tones and stripes for summer are ideal for keeping your summer wardrobe stylish yet simple. Even if you are a fully fledged black outfit aficionado, wearing black in the height of summer can feel a little odd. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing black in the summer time, but learning how to wear classic monochrome tones for the warmer weather will help you to differentiate your summer wardrobe from your winter wardrobe. Over recent weeks I've noticed that I've established some sort of obsession with horizontal stripes. So much so that when it's laundry time, all you see on my washing rack are stripes! But you can never have too many stripes or monochrome, right?!

The capsule wardrobe concept allows you to curate a well put together collection of items that require little to no styling! Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?! I’ve written a few posts on how to build a capsule wardrobe – the classic capsule wardrobe and how to build a capsule wardrobe for travel. But if you’re wondering how you can apply the capsule wardrobe practices to organise and streamline your own wardrobe, here are the three main things you need in order to get started!

These 36 style staples from New Look are ideal for capsule wardrobe fans! You don't have to spend a lot of money on classic items of clothing to look effortlessly chic. Knowing what you're looking for and where to find it is the key to curating a sophisticated collection of stylish outfit pieces. I was amazed at what New Look has to offer in terms of classic wardrobe pieces. For a small but substantial investment at this popular high street store, you can easily give your existing wardrobe an elegant makeover! 

Knowing what to pack for a winter city break can be difficult. This checklist will give you lots of guidance and inspiration so that you can go and enjoy a fantastic weekend away, minus the packing hassles. We’ve got it covered – everything from what travel case to take, how to make the most of the space in your travel bag, to what winter city break outfits you should prepare and pack.

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