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Work Life Balance. That’s a scary phrase right there. I’ve been a self-employed business owner for ten years now and it has taken me until now to establish what I’d call “balance”. Balance between my work and life. There was a time, or rather one-long period where the distinction between the two was rather murky. On the one hand, I understand and gain comfort from the fact that there is no substitute for hard work. Yet, at the same time, it is important to give yourself breaks so as not to burnout prematurely. Don’t feel guilty if it doesn’t come easy to you. I am eleven years into my entrepreneurial journey and it is only now that I feel confident in saying that I have mastered (to the best of my ability), a reasonable work life balance! Here are my thoughts on what I feel helps and hinders a healthy work life balance…

Would you like to be able to present yourself better through your writing skills? In this interview with Best Me Brand,  we'll be talking about branding and copywriting. Best Me Brand is a branding company that specialises in professional copywriting services. Lauren (the founder) has written for many well known publications and has interviewed a host of famous faces such as Arianna Huffington, Jane Goodall, Nikki Reed, Dave Navarro, and Brigitte Bardot.  So grab yourself a cup of tea and a pen and paper - her tips are not to be missed!

As a blogger I am asked how to be a fashion blogger and what my job entails more than I am asked about anything else! So I thought I’d put together this post to explain the exact steps I took to become a professional fashion blogger and how I turned my beloved hobby into my dream job! Generally, this information on blogging can be applied to all blogging niches; I am simply focusing on fashion because this is the area in which I work.

What if I told you that you could improve your content game and learn how I plan my content to monetise my blog, plan ahead and stay organised with my content, images, blogging planning. My new planner is FULL of ALL the tips and tricks I use ..and it can be all yours today for just £20. By implementing these tips and strategies, you will see noticeable improvements in your blogging and its growth! Get yours here!

I love spontaneous days out don’t you? Especially when they serve well as an occasion to stock up on Instagram-worthy pictures. Last weekend I went to the local Beer Festival to enjoy a day of sun, fresh air, walking and of course, testing unusual craft beers! It was a fantastic day, despite getting caught out in the rain and being photographed by the local press holding multiple glasses of beer (they weren't all for me)! This is what my day looked like...

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