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Want to know who is responsible for The Unicorn trend on the internet? The unicorn trend has taken the internet, namely social media, by storm. Lime Crime is best known for its vibrant shades of vegan, cruelty-free make-up products – what’s not to love?! This brand is also where the unicorn trend began. So, if you don’t know much about this cruelty-free beauty business, read on as we take a look inside this popular animal-friendly cosmetics company.

Ever considered wearing a wig or hair extensions? Gone are the days when wigs and hairpieces were style pieces that we'd prefer to keep hidden! It's hard to name an A-lister these days who hasn't experimented with hair extensions or wigs! Hair extensions are not just used to make your hair longer, you can also use them to add volume and thickness too. What with the average British woman spending at least £756 on her hair each year, perhaps it is time to reconsider wigs and hair extensions - which certainly sound more manageable!

The Mark Hill Wonder Ball brush is a hair brush like nothing I’ve seen or used before. This brush offers 6 unique ways to easily style and blow dry your hair with ease. Although upon first glance, the brush does look slightly unapproachable, its clever bristle formation means that it is impossible for you to get your hair knotted in the brush whilst twisting and flicking sections when using a hair dryer. This brush is for you of your looking for a normal hair brush that doubles up as an elite hair styling tool, making blow drying your hair easy and manageable for anybody!

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