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Welcome to our June 2021 issue!

June is the month of Animal Rights Awareness week, which is why most of this issue is focused on animals, nature and appreciating the great outdoors.

Our cover star this month is Peter Meyer, author of the No. 1 bestselling book ‘The Boy from the Wild’. In this issue we interviewed Peter Meyer on what it was like growing up in Africa, surrounded by wildlife. His amazing yet unique childhood years involved riding elephants, getting his first snake bite, swimming in open lakes and generally learning to appreciate animals and nature. Last month we were incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to watch Peter’s new film ahead of its official release. The film: ‘The Boy from the Wild’, based on his book, is simply spectacular and one of a kind! It’s a must-watch!

Another fantastic interview we have for you this month is with film director and former pilot – Tristan Loraine. We caught up with Captain Tristan Loraine to discuss his latest film – ‘American 965’ (due to be released on July 9th 2021) which investigates a fatal Colombian plane crash in 1995. The film is emotional, shocking and is sure to keep you gripped to your screens!

We’ll also be taking a look at:

·Why so-called ‘old-fashioned hobbies’ have become so popular again over the last year.

·In need of some garden design inspiration? We have a professional stylist sharing her top garden styling tips in time for the summer.

·Are multi-hyphen careers the secret to a happier life and job satisfaction?

·How to enjoy a fun trip to Bournemouth with your dog!

·And we’ll be revealing the top, most popular food trends on TikTok!


Happy reading!

*Please note that this is a digital magazine*

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