August 2021 | Minnirella magazine




Welcome to our August 2021 issue – The “Back to School” Issue!

If you’re wondering why you’re now reading “Minnirella” magazine instead of “Online Personal Stylist” that is because we have finally gone ahead with our rebranding project. When I first launched Online Personal Stylist in 2015, it was focused around online personal styling services and a professional fashion stylist publishing style content on her blog. Throughout the years, the team has grown and so has our vision. We don’t like to restrict ourselves to only writing about fashion, although style plays a huge part in everything we do and of course, publish. Continuing to use the name “Online Personal Stylist” was also causing a lot of confusion amongst our new readers and clients. A lot of people would come to us looking for a personal stylist and others would get our name wrong because they didn’t understand the connection with our magazine.

So what can you expect from Minnirella? You will still find all our old articles on our new website, as well as our monthly magazine, albeit with a new name. There will also be cool new developments in the coming months! September is the perfect month for new beginnings and we hope this issue will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted!

Happy reading!

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