Styling for Brands

Are you a brand, designer or business owner that is in need of professional and convenient fashion styling services? I offer a service called “Styling for Brands” – unique custom-made online styling services and content creation for businesses.  If you’re looking to upscale your brand and impress your customers with professional styling advice then this is the service for you!

With my professional fashion styling for brands service, I can help you to turn "window shoppers" into interested, loyal customers.

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Professional Custom Made Styling Services and Content Creation for Brands

As a professional fashion stylist, I work with brands and designers both online and offline. In addition to offering online personal styling services to individual clients, I am also a content creator, specialising in fashion styling. This enables me to produce specialist content for other professionals in the industry. Many brands are passionate about their products and services but need a little extra help with knowing what their audience wants and needs. 

What is Styling for Brands?

Stylists and designers/brands can work together in many different ways. While both roles are very important and creative, each can be incredibly valuable to the other. I’ve helped hundreds of brands boost their online exposure and annual revenue by providing them with custom made styling services. Want to impress your customers and stand out from the crowd? I can offer you:

?Tailor made courses for you to resell or use as content on your own platform ?Newsletter opt-ins ?Guest appearances ?Blog management ?How-to guides ?Catalogues ?Article writing ?Tutorials ?Inspiration boards for new collections ?Styling consultations ?Corporate styling consultations for business owners and employees (online) ?And more!  

How to Get the Most from Working with a Fashion Brand Stylist 

  • It makes things so much easier when brands and stylists can talk to each other freely, without any awkwardness or impatience.
  • A fashion stylist can inject lots of inspiration, value and creativity into your brand.
  • Discuss the areas of your business that need improvement. 
  • If you’re a brand or designer who has never worked with a stylist before, I recommend spending at least 10 minutes communicating your ideas and requirements to the stylist before production begins.
  • Ensure that any special requirements or thoughts have been listed on the styling brief that will be sent to the stylist.
  • You need to make sure that you work with a team that knows what they should be doing. If the brand/designer or stylist doesn’t know what they are supposed to be doing then this will put a huge strain on the rest of the team and could potentially hinder the success of the project.
  • The designer and the stylist need to be on the same page. If the stylist understands the designer’s sources of inspiration for the working collection, they can ensure that all other aspects of the look comply with the theme of the collection.
  • Stylists and brands need to be able to communicate effectively so that the stylist can ensure that the designer’s message is conveyed correctly through the styled collection.
  • The stylist must have a good understanding of the brand and its value prior to calling in props and accessories for a shoot. If the brand is a sustainable fashion brand supporting vegan fashion and the stylist accessorises the outfits with genuine leather and fur accessories, the shoot will not be a success!
  • If you plan to hire a stylist to work with you continuously, be sure to take your time and choose a stylist who really understands your brand and ethics.

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