About Minnirella

Welcome to Minnirella!

Minnirella is an independent fashion brand, founded by professional fashion editor and stylist, Luisa Kearney. We also have a quarterly lifestyle magazine for you to indulge in during your online shopping trip at www.minnirella.com.  

Our Founder

Luisa Kearney is the founder of Minnirella. Minnirella began way back in 2014 and has evolved from a fashion and personal style blog run solely by Luisa into a lifestyle magazine and fashion brand, with a growing team of talented individuals. Luisa has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years, as a fashion stylist, style editor and now as the fashion designer at Minnirella.

A Few Words from our Founder

“Fashion has always been very important to me and I love seeing how people put together daily outfits to create their own unique looks. While creating the Minnirella fashion brand, I wanted to curate timeless, luxury pieces that would stand the test of time both in style and quality. As well as being a zero-waste brand – we don’t waste any fabric, we also want to make the wearer smile!”

Zero-Waste and Ethically Made

Our brand is passionate about reducing textile waste and being positive role models in the fashion industry. No matter whether we’re sourcing quality made fabrics from our Italian suppliers or creating gorgeous garments and accessories from upcycled materials, we do not waste a single scrap of fabric! We also manufacture across mainland Europe, where all of our employees enjoy fair pay and a happy working environment. In addition to ethical working practices, we at Minnirella strive to do our best when it comes to sustainability too. This is why we have a pre-loved section, so as to help find new homes for deserving second hand fashion items that are still in good condition. Please note that Minnirella is not a second hand or vintage brand. You will find all second hand items for sale in our "Vintage" or "Pre-Loved" categories. All other items listed on www.minnirella.com are brand new items, designed and manufactured by Minnirella.

Traditional Techniques

While we’re a very modern brand with a huge appreciation for technology and the fact that we’re able to run an online store through our website and social media, there’s a lot to be said for traditional practices when designing and making clothes. Each of our designs is hand sketched and all of our fabric is marked with tailor chalks and cut out by hand to ensure a quality cut and precision.

Quality Craftsmanship

Minnirella embodies quality craftsmanship, style, ethics and affordability.




“Dressing well in clothes that you love is the new luxury fashion!

Fashion is less an exhibit of beauty, 

but more an expression of who we are, what we believe in,

our personal values and how we can influence people!”


The Muse

Where did the name “Minnirella” come from? Depending on how long you’ve been following Minnirella, which was formally known as “Online Personal Stylist”, you may have noticed a constant presence on our blog and social media channels – Minnie - our founder’s beloved four-legged friend. When we rebranded from “Online Personal Stylist” in 2021, it was important that our new name was meaningful and relevant. As a team who adores animals, little Minnie was the well-deserving inspiration behind the magical Minnirella!

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The Magazine

Minnirella also offers a quarterly fashion and lifestyle magazine for the stylish, independent woman, who prefers to digest life in an aesthetically-pleasing way! Our aim is to inspire and educate our readers to do amazing things and to live their best, most positive lives! We're not all about fashion though. We like to cover a diverse range of topics, ranging from global issues, travel, business and beauty.