Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

Make It Happen!: UK Entrepreneur & Creator of ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ Releases Little Black Book of Empowerment

British-Serbian entrepreneur, Lazar Vukovic, knocks it out of the park with ‘Make It Happen!: A little black book on how to make things happen’ – a powerful tool of inspiration for those looking to achieve their next great thing. From his days selling sweets as a child, to his success selling toys on the high street, Vukovic gives insight into his own life, before handing readers a guide to finding their own outrageous success. With a foreword by John Challis, there’s something for everyone!

Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

Growing up in the UK as part of a Serbian family, Lazar Vukovic knew he had a cultural uphill battle to overcome. But his own unique approach to life, business and relationships has seen Vukovic excel in unlikely success.

Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

From retail businesses and real estate, all the way to meeting John Challis by chance, and working with him to produce the documentary ‘Boycie in Belgrade’, Vukovic has tons of wisdom to share.


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Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

In his new book, ‘Make It Happen!: A little black book on how to make things happen’, he does exactly that!



I’m not a household name, a TV personality or anybody with some claim to fame. I’m just your average guy, like you… or maybe you are far more superior than me. I’m going to share with you how I managed to make things happen from nothing… From selling sweets in the playground at lunchtime to selling toys in my high street stores, rubbing shoulders with royalty and advising world leaders. This is my little black book of stories of how I made it happen! If I can make it happen, so can you! Foreword by John Challis & James Collier.

Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

“This is a unique look inside my mind,” explains the author. “From my wild imagination to my ability to analyse even the smallest of details, it’s a story through life that will allow readers to recognize themselves and draw inspiration from my many successes and failures. I want to engage readers and then invite them to walk alongside me as we allow the same success to resonate in their life.”

Make It Happen Lazar vukovic

Continuing, “The book is split into three sections; How I made it happen, The make it happen mindset and You. I lay everything on the line, including how I randomly ran into John Challis, forged a creative partnership and rapidly went on to produce one of the most unique documentaries of the last few years. In fact, had Boycie read this book 40 years ago, I bet he would have become Del’s go-to reference manual!!”


Reviews have been extremely positive. One reader writes, “This book is not just insightful into the life of a successful entrepreneur, but it is inspiring, motivating and makes you want to fulfil your next business venture goals. Lazar has such a wonderful back-story, and I just love the way he gives you a pure, honest and genuine insight into his life as a child to two Serbian parents living in Corby, Northamptonshire. ‘Make It Happen!’ will inspire you beyond words, and you will decide to ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN!’ using Lazar’s positive attitude to life.”


Don adds, “What an amazing book! Full of inspirational stories.. gave me the motivation i needed this week to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!”


‘Make It Happen!: A little black book on how to make things happen’ is available to buy now on Amazon.


For more information, visit the author’s official website: www.lazarvukovic.com.


About the Author:


Lazar Vukovic is a UK born entrepreneur with a business portfolio including retail, distribution, real estate and entertainment. He is involved in various non-profit and charity organisations including Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation, Serbian Council of Great Britain and is the UK & IRE diaspora delegate to the assembly of Serbia. His first book ‘Make It Happen!’ aims to uncover how you can turn your idea, passion or opportunity into a reality.

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