Let’s Party Like it’s 1999

11 Items You Need to Embrace Ultimate 90s Nostalgia

Let’s party like it’s 1999 because the 90s are very much back in fashion! I loved the 90s and I love the 90s trends. A laidback, funky decade that perfectly combined comfort with fashion! You can also shop my favourite 90s pieces below.

Let’s Party Like it’s 1999

Not unlike the 70’s, the 90’s was a decade of fun, parties and funky, carefree fashion trends. With many 90s trends making a reappearance this season in the fashion industry, we have a chance to re-experience what is considered to be a far more relaxed era. Even if it is just through the clothes.

The 90s marked the turning point, steering us into a new generation of girl power, personality and the very beginning of personal branding. Today’s life is the direct outcome of what the nineties started to instil. The noughties are all about personal brand and perfection, whereas the nineties captured the essence of fun and freedom.

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Let’s Party Like it’s 1999

  1. Tamagotchi, 2. Now 100 90s Hits, 3. Furby, 4. Lip smacker lip gloss set, 5. Belt bag, 6. Mustard pinafore dress, 7.  Rope sliders, 8. White denim dress, 9. Denim slip dress, 10. Scrunchies, 11. Pink heart sunglasses


Going to a party twenty years ago was all about having fun and being seen in the cool places. Fast forward until now and the purpose of attending parties is primarily for strengthening our images or personal brands and networking. I don’t think there is anything wrong with now. However, I think we can learn a lot from the attitude worn in the 90s. And, from time to time it is nice to indulge yourself in cool fashion styles that are very comfortable to wear!

Enjoy! xx

Let’s Party Like it’s 1999

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