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This week, GreenEcoBox were kind enough to send me one of their “Beauty in the Box” subscription boxes for me to try. Obviously, I just love anything that is cruelty-free, eco-friendly and of beautiful quality! I was so excited when my beauty box arrived this morning. So I thought I would share with you what’s inside, and give you more information on GreenEcoBox as a brand!


What is GreenEcoBox and What Do They Do?

GreenEcoBox offer two varieties of subscription boxes. Each contain top-of-the-range natural and eco-friendly products. There are two types of boxes on offer: BEAUTY IN THE BOX and the BEE HAPPY BOX. The BEAUTY IN THE BOX contains high quality beauty products and is available as part of a bi-monthly subscription. The BEE HAPPY BOX contains sweet and savoury gourmet food products and is available as part of a monthly subscription.  I received one of the beauty boxes and I absolutely love it! As soon as I removed the outer packaging, I was overwhelmed by the fruity scents coming from inside the box. 



“Beauty In the Box”: What’s in the Box?

Every Time You Buy a Box, You Will Receive:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Face and body care (for the shower or bath)
  • 1 growing paper with carrot seeds
  • 1 certificate to show that one tree has been planted in your name, thanks to your purchase of a box
  • 3 Euros from each beauty box purchased will be donated to the WWF association. 




In My Box I Received:

  • 2 herbal teabags
  • 3 mini natural chocolates
  • 2 bio cookies
  • 1 honey and hops soap
  • 1 cranberry soap
  • 1 bottle of creamy shower gel
  • 1 bottle of massage and aromatherapy oil
  • 1 shampoo block bar
  • 1 growing paper with carrot seeds
  • 1 certificate to show that one tree has been planted in your name, thanks to your purchase of a box


Would I Recommend a GreenEcoBox Beauty Box?

Absolutely. I mention in my unboxing video below that I was super excited to try out the products and now that I have, I can honestly say that they are fantastic! The experience of receiving and unpacking the box was very exciting too. I think these boxes are ideal for anybody interested in beauty products, natural and handmade cosmetics, plus they make a great gift idea! To accompany the product, there is a little booklet to tell you more about where the items are made and the positive impact of purchasing a GreenEcoBox subscription box. 

The quality of each individual product doesn’t disappoint. I also mention in my video that it would be interesting to test out the shampoo block or shower gel as a make-up brush cleaner because the products are natural. The idea came to me because I struggle with finding a decent cruelty-free and natural make-up brush cleaner. Let me just clarify that GreenEcoBox doesn’t claim anywhere on their site or on their product packaging that these products are made for cleaning make-up brushes. However, I thought it would be an interesting test as a consumer in case anybody was looking for an eco-friendly soap for cleaning make-up brushes. As it turns out, the shower gel doubles up as a reasonable brush cleaner too and because it’s natural, it won’t dry out the brush bristles either.

Thank you very much to GreenEcoBox for sending me this box. I love it! You can purchase a BEAUTY IN THE BOX and find out more about GreenEcoBox here.

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