What to Wear to an Interview: Nine Great Looks to Score Your Dream Job

What to Wear to an Interview: Nine Great Looks to Score Your Dream Job

Every fierce business woman knows that there are a few essentials that every girlboss needs in order to live out your dreams and create your own success. We’ve put together our top picks and why you need them.

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A laptop and internet access is just about all you need to start most new ideas. The internet can help you with just about anything from online courses, fitness programs, setting up a charitable organisation, marketing and launching a new business.

Power Dressing:

A good, well-fitting blazer is a wardrobe staple. Not only can you wear it with just about anything, it will instantly elevate your professional appearance when on a Zoom meeting or at a networking event. Other style staples include a timeless dress and a killer pair of shoes.

“It Holds Your Entire Life”

Holding it all together on a day-to-day basis is your handbag, or at least that’s what people say anyway. When you think about it, your handbag holds your entire life: your keys, purse, ID, makeup, your phone – and everything you’re able to access through its technology. You can always get a good idea about a person by examining the contents of their handbag. Therefore a great bag is always worth the investment.