How to Look Glamorous in a Dressing Gown


How to Look Glamorous in a Dressing Gown


How to Look Glamorous in a Dressing Gown


Want to glam up your next night in watching some television or binge watching Netflix? Embrace your inner starlet with these much-needed tips on how to look glamorous in a dressing gown.
How to Look Glamorous in a Dressing Gown

How to Look Glamorous in a Dressing Gown

Netflix and chill. The perfect night in wouldn't be complete without a cosy dressing gown, a sleep mask and your favourite book or Netflix series. While we all aspire to look like a glamorous movie star in our dressing gowns, we often find that looking even remotely stylish in a robe is hard to achieve. But looking effortlessly chic in your dressing gown is easier than you think thanks to these simple style tips:
  • Keep your dressing gown clean. No matter whether you wear your dressing gown for chilling out and eating snacks or applying your makeup, bathrobes can become stained just like any other garment. This is why it's important to wash your dressing gown regularly to avoid it becoming discoloured.
  • Choose a striking colour. If white isn't for you, choose a dressing gown in a striking colour that you like. (There is a great selection to choose from below).
  • Opt for a bigger size rather than choosing something too fitted. Bathrobes are intended to be loose fitting. Dressing gowns that look too tight or short have a tendency to look too small or ill-fitted. Buy a robe that fits loosely even if you have to go for a bigger size - it will look much better on you!
  • Accessorise! A swipe of red lipstick and the addition of a fashionable sleep mask will uplevel your dressing gown glamour!

A History of the Housecoat

Did you know that dressing gowns or bathrobes were once commonly known as housecoats? The reason being is that women would often wear these loose, informal coats over their day clothes to stay warm while at home. Over time, thanks to the invention of better in-home heating systems, the garment lost the name of housecoat and instead, became known as a bathrobe or dressing gown. The item of clothing is still used but for different reasons. Dressing gowns are now more commonly used after showering or bathing and in between getting dressed. Of course, they are still an excellent way of keeping warm and the concept of housecoats is once again becoming more popular.


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