How to Avoid Making Impulse Purchases When Shopping in the Sales


How to Avoid Making Impulse Purchases When Shopping in the Sales


How to Avoid Making Impulse Purchases When Shopping in the Sales

Shopping in the sales is a great way of securing yourself a bargain, but there's a fine line between getting a fantastic deal and unnecessary impulse buys. Let me show you how to curb those retail therapy cravings and prevent you from buying fashion pieces that don't fit, and that you don't really want or need!
Discounted items serve only as "bargain buys" or "thrifty finds" if you desperately wanted the item in the first place. If you want to avoid making shopping mistakes when out shopping in the sales then you should try to keep a clear head and remember these very simple but all important rules!

Ignore sizes – If it Fits it Fits

With clothing, the most important tip is to pay attention to the fit of the garment. If it fits it fits. Do not keep worrying about the size on the label. It’s all good and well buying a size that you normally wear or that you’d like to wear but if it looks too small/tight/big/oversized then it’s not going to look good anyway. Nobody cares what size you’re wearing if it just doesn’t look as though it fits well! Sizes vary from shop to shop and if you're shopping in the January sales are you also carrying a little extra weight? This brings you to your next decision – is it worth buying it if you plan to lose your holiday weight?!
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The Differences between Filling out and Spilling out of Your Clothes

To elaborate on the previous point, buying the wrong sizes is a huge issue among many women. So many women buy clothes that are way too small for them and then have to squeeze themselves into their clothing. Muffin tops have never been and will never be a good look. Dressing to emphasise your curves is great but it has to be done in a tasteful way. Even if you like your clothing to be fitted, it should only skim your body – not grip tight! Not only is buying too-tight clothing silly and a waste of your money, but it is also unhealthy for two reasons: 1) it makes you feel negative about your body shape and size because you are constantly trying to squeeze into clothing too small for you, and 2) wearing clothing that is too tight can restrict blood flow around your body which can be dangerous!
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Will you Wear it? When Would You Wear it? Does it Suit You?

Look at the garment, will you wear it? Is it something you would wear or do you want it just because it is a great item at a reduced rate? If you think you would wear it then think of three things from your wardrobe that you would wear with it or three outfit ideas, and think of three occasions when you would wear it! Is it your colour? Do you need it or do you want it? Have you got anything like this in your wardrobe at home already?! When shopping in the sales, it doesn't matter whether you stumble upon a one-off designer piece, a garment that would make all of your friends jealous, or a pair of stunning jeans in 2 sizes too small, never purchase anything if it is not one hundred per cent something you know you will wear indefinitely!
Remember: everybody loves shopping but why waste money on clothes you’ll never wear when you could instead invest in items you will love and wear time and time again simply because you look and feel great when wearing them?!
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