Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!


Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!


Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!


Last month I decided to start using a jade roller. Jade rollers promise to to tighten skin, reduce under eye circles and improve blood flow. So I decided to try using a jade roller for 30 days to see whether I noticed any visible results. This is what I've learnt so far from using a jade roller over the last month.

Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!

You might remember a couple of years ago that jade rollers were the hottest new trend in skincare. Like with all skincare trends, I was keen to see whether it would really stand the test of time and become an essential in people's daily skincare routine, or whether it was just going to be another fad that faded out over time. Of course, the hype around face rollers has diminished over the last year or two but there are still many people who swear by them and so I decided to try it for myself. If you read up on the benefits of using a jade roller, you will find some of the advantages and results that come with using them are a little bit ambitious for a product that is so simple. Some of these results include banishing acne, reducing wrinkles, illuminating under-eye circles, and even defining cheekbones.

I wasn't sure what to expect and I understand that these products are not miracle workers. There is certainly no one beauty tool that can fix every aspect of your your skin problems. In my opinion, and I'm sure many beauty experts will agree with me, achieving youthful, glowing, healthy skin in is a result of the work you put in on the inside, as well as on the outside. If you're not eating right or getting enough sleep, there are very few beauty or skincare gadgets that will disguise these lifestyle habits. That said, there are still a lot of people who say that jade rollers have significantly helped with reducing under eye circles, discolouration and tension in the face.

Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!

When I recently went shopping to stock up on new skincare products, I spotted a jade roller and decided to give it a try. After reading all the hype, I knew that this product was going to give me some kind of results, albeit I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm familiar with the way that ice can reduce water retention and how it helps with reducing discolouration in the skin. It also helps to brighten full, tired skin temporarily. I also know that massaging your skincare products into your skin is a great way to increase blood flow, which helps to to increase circulation and minimalises fine lines. Knowing that a jade roller works along similar lines, I decided to to purchase a face roller and give it a go. My main goal was to reduce my under eye circles. I have tried many products and different beauty gadgets to try and reduce my under eye bags. Some people are just generally prone to having dark circles under their eyes and if you're one of these people, even getting enough sleep and using the right skincare products doesn't always help to get rid of them completely. This was my main reason for trying the jade roller method but I was also open to seeing what other benefits this skincare tool offered.


I've now been using a jade roller for 30 days. I use it everyday - morning and night, working my hyaluronic acid serum or face oil into my skin. Admittedly, for the first 3 days I didn't see any results. I was beginning to wonder whether it was just a fad and whether I was ever going to see any results from using the face roller. However, as time went on and I stuck to my routine of using the roller day and night, morning and evening, I began to see subtle results. After 7 to 10 days, my under eye circles had noticeably improved. After 2 weeks of using the roller, my under eye circles had almost vanished completely. In fact, it was quite strange seeing my skin without makeup and having no under eye circles for the first time in years. For as long as I can remember my biggest issue has always been dark circles under my eyes. I have no problem with leaving the house without wearing make-up and quite often the only reason I wear make-up, or more specifically concealer, is due to the dark circles under my eyes.

Do Jade Rollers Work? I Used a Face Roller for 30 Days and the Results Were Eye-Opening!

In addition to helping with my under eye discolouration, the face massager has helped to make my skin look more hydrated and glowing. It has helped to even my skin tone and eliminate tension or frown marks.

You don't have to spend that long using the roller. I typically spend 2-5 minutes in the morning and evening, "rolling" my serums into my skin. I keep my roller in the fridge to keep it cold, which then feels very refreshing when I apply it to my skin.

I will definitely continue to use the jade roller in the same way I've been using it over the last month. Depending on the kind of results you're looking for, this may or may not work for you. Based on my personal experiences with brightening up tired or dull looking skin or and reducing my under-eye bags, I would definitely recommend it.

This is the roller I have been using. Don't forget to let me know what you think if you decide to try it!