5 Ways to Style a Watch + Exclusive Nordgreen Discount


5 Ways to Style a Watch + Exclusive Nordgreen Discount


5 Ways to Style a Watch + Exclusive Nordgreen Discount

A good watch can make a major fashion statement. No matter whether you want to stay on-trend or keep your look sophisticated and timeless, here are 5 ways to style a watch. Plus, don’t miss my exclusive Nordgreen Christmas discount code!

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5 Ways to Style a Watch
Watches are usually a classic item of jewellery. Most of us have our favourites, which become a staple accessory for any outfit. Although many high street brands offer a wide range of fashionable styles, I believe that it is well worth investing in a good watch. One that will stand the test of time and that is made from quality materials and components.
5 Ways to Style a Watch

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5 Ways to Style a Watch
Watches have seen a return in popularity in recent years. Despite the convenience of checking the time on your mobile phone or other smart device, watches double up as a functional item of jewellery, as well as a statement fashion accessory. Knowing how to style your watch will enable you to get more wear out of your timepiece because you will be able to coordinate it well with any outfit, no matter the occasion.
5 Ways to Style a Watch

Wear Your Watch over Your Sleeve

There is nothing worse when you have a lovely watch than having to cover it up with your sleeves. You’ve probably seen this trend on social media and it’s such a good idea. When wearing long sleeves, simply wear your watch around your wrist as you normally would but instead of rolling up your sleeve, wear the watch on top. This way, your watch is still visible for you to check the time conveniently and it accessorises your outfit too.

5 Ways to Style a Watch

Match Your Watch with Your Rings

Matching your watch with the rings you wear is not only a good way to ensure that your jewellery is well coordinated, it’s also a very stylish trend too. This generally applies if your watch strap is silver, gold or rose gold. However, you can also match the metal of your watch face to your rings if your watch strap isn’t the same colour as your rings. Traditionally, this is how people would coordinate their watch with their outfit. The watch would have to match the metal of a shoe buckle, belt buckle and any other jewellery worn by the wearer. Ideally, when matching your watch with your rings, you should stick to the same precious metal, such as silver or rose gold, or if you are mixing metals then mix no more than two types together. Any more than this can look a bit overdone and can devalue the look of your appearance and of course, the quality of your jewels.

5 Ways to Style a Watch

Stack Your Watch with Pretty Bracelets

Who says that a watch has to be worn alone? Your watch doesn’t have to be the only thing you wear on your wrist. So if you have a lot of beautiful bracelets that you enjoy wearing as well, you don’t have to wear them instead of your watch. Stacking a couple of pretty bracelets on the same hand you wear your watch on is a stylish way to brighten up plain outfits, while being a look that is suitable for everyday casual wear.

5 Ways to Style a Watch

Coordinate Your Watch with Your Outfit

When investing in a new watch, it is worth considering the types of colours and patterns you wear on a regular basis. Most of us tend to have a few outfits that we revert back to and wear often. Personally, I feel that you can’t go wrong with timeless metals, such as gold or silver. Rose gold is a modern and more youthful alternative to standard yellow gold and has become very popular in the last decade. And of course, a basic black strap is also very easy to wear and goes with everything!

5 Ways to Style a Watch

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals

So many people worry about mixing metals because they worry they’ll clash when worn together. But mixing gold, silver or rose gold actually works very well. The key to mastering this trend is to choose two metals to wear together, for e.g. rose gold and gold, silver and gold, silver and rose gold. Mixing more than two precious metals can overpower your look but wearing two works very well! Wearing two different coloured metals together breaks up the intensity of wearing just one colour, such as gold for example.
This is the great thing about Nordgreen watches, you can mix and match different coloured watch faces and straps. With this watch I opted for a gold face with a rose gold strap. It’s the perfect combination of the two different types of golds. As I move my hand, the watch reflects different shades of gold and rose gold. Also, because of the blend of the two golds in this watch, it means I can easily wear other items of jewellery in either rose gold or gold, without overpowering my appearance with one block metal colour.
5 Ways to Style a Watch

Build Your Own Watch with Nordgreen:

  1. Choose from the Infinity, Philosopher, Native, or Unika watch faces.
  2. Select the metal for your chosen watch face: gun metal, silver, gold, or rose gold.
  3. Decide on a dial colour: white, black, or navy.
  4. Then choose from the wide range of interchangeable straps to personalise your watch. Select your favourite interchangeable straps that fit the watch face you’ve chosen and have fun creating different looks!
  5. Customise your watch with a strap for every occasion or outfit!

5 Ways to Style a Watch

And, what’s even better is that Nordgreen is offering 25% off all of their watch bundles during the month of December. And if you apply my special discount code: LUISA you will receive an additional 15% discount when you shop here! Offer is valid until 31 December.


About the Brand and Nordgreen’s Sustainable Values

Nordgreen began in 2017 by its two founders – Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt. Their aim was to create a stylish brand which incorporated sustainable practices in order to produce a functional collection of designer timepieces. Nordgreen envisioned its collection with award-winning Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, who earned his acclaim by designing for Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B Italia, and Cappellini to name a few.
Nordgreen watches are made from ethical materials. They even offer vegan leather straps and it’s the most beautifully soft leather I’ve ever come across! The product packaging is FSC certified and the felt inside the boxes is made from upcycled plastic bottles. Their watch faces are made from mineral glass and their straps are made from stainless steel, canvas, leather or vegan leather. All watches sold by Nordgreen have interchangeable straps too, so you can enjoy multiple styles with just one watch face.
5 Ways to Style a Watch

Giving Back

The great thing about buying from brands with ethical values is that your purchase isn’t just beneficial for you and the business in question, a percentage of the money sometimes goes to a good cause. Nordgreen is a sustainable brand that gives back every time you purchase one of their watches. At present, Nordgreen supports three good causes:

Water for Good

Every time you buy a watch you will provide one person in the Central African Republic with two months of clean water.

Pratham UK

When you purchase a watch from Nordgreen your money goes towards providing one month of education to a child in India.

Cool Earth

The money from your purchase goes towards preserving 50sqm of rain forest in Latin America.

Kids Out

Plus, Nordgreen has recently partnered up with Kidsout during the Christmas period. Every time you purchase a watch using my exclusive discount code, a child in need will receive a free toy on your behalf!

Build your own watch bundle today on the Nordgreen website and use my unique discount code “LUISA” for 15% off as part of their pre-Christmas sale!


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