4 Reasons to Send a Father’s Day Monogram this Year Instead of a Card | #AD


4 Reasons to Send a Father’s Day Monogram this Year Instead of a Card | #AD


4 Reasons to Send a Father’s Day Monogram this Year Instead of a Card | #AD

Personalised presents often make the greatest gifts for Father’s Day. If you’re short on ideas or find that distance is preventing you from spending time together this year, why not consider sending your dad a personalised monogram to show you care? Here are 4 reasons to send a Father’s Day monogram this year instead of a card.

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4 Reasons to Send a Father’s Day Monogram this Year Instead of a Card

  • A Monogram is more personalised
  • It’s instant and therefore not affected by travel restrictions or late deliveries
  • Monograms are virtual and therefore more eco-friendly than cards
  • It’s free!

Virtual Father’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect Father’s Day present can be difficult as it is, but throw in new social distancing restrictions and travel limitations and the situation becomes more challenging. Thankfully, there are a range of online gifts that you can create and send virtually to ensure that you don’t miss the occasion. With a little imagination and a few moments of your time, it’s easy and affordable to find the ideal, meaningful Father’s Day gift! Virtual gifts are a wonderful option and if you spend a bit of time doing some research, you will find that the choice of digital goods available is endless. Ebooks, Kindle books, audio, ITunes vouchers are all examples of impressive gifts that you could send. Other sentimental gestures might include sending a video clip, photographs, ordering a magazine subscription or you could make a charitable donation on his behalf.
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Send Your Own Personalised Monogram

Sending your own personalised monogram is another really lovely gesture. Designing a monogram using one of the many free online tools is a thoughtful idea that’s accessible to all. It’s a gift and a card all in one. Of course, if you’ve already arranged a separate gift, online monograms are an excellent replacement to standard greetings cards. They can be sent virtually and stored forever, unlike cards which usually end up on the recycling pile. Due to the fact they are made and sent online, they don’t cause unnecessary waste which also makes them better for the environment too. Creating your own monogram is free and easy to do. With online monogram making tools, you can add your own images, write your own message and customise it to suit your own personal tastes.
It’s a well known joke that the choice of Father’s Day cards is rather limited. Typically, most Father’s Day cards are based around cars, golf or football. Even if your dad dislikes all three of these leisure pursuits, he’ll still be getting a card with one of the three on for sure. This is why online monograms are a brilliant alternative. You can design something very much like a card, while showing that you actually know your dad!

Here is a List of Creative Ways to Make Your Monogram Personal to You:

  • Include your own photographs
  • Share special memories
  • Photograph your pet
  • Create your own illustration
  • Add your own artwork
  • Upload a puzzle as a background
  • Make use of the pre-loaded prints and fonts
  • Photograph your child’s drawings or painting and upload to your monogram
  • Share a personalised message
Taking the time to create something unique and personal really shows how much you care! It’s also a great way to get kids involved too. It’s something they will really enjoy and gives them the chance to show off their artistic skills! Once you’re done, simply save and download your design. When you’re ready, you can send your monogram to your father or grandfather via email, social media or instant messenger.
I hope this inspires you to get creative and curate something meaningful for Father’s Day without breaking the bank. Have fun!

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