3 Books on Money that You Need to Read!


3 Books on Money that You Need to Read!


3 Books on Money that You Need to Read!

Money. Although it might seem as though your problems with money are plenty and you have a long list of issues related to your finances, I feel that most people have one of two money-related problems. The first is that they struggle to make or increase the money coming their way. The second common money problem is that people don’t know how to manage and retain money. But tackle these issues and you’re on to a winner! To help you gain a better grasp of your finances, establish a healthy relationship towards the green stuff, and understand how to deal with money, I’ve put together a list of 3 fantastic books on money. I’ve read a lot of business, finance, law of attraction, and money-making books, but I feel that these really do a fine job of approaching the topic of money!
3 Books on Money that You Need to Read

MONEY Master the Game

When a top money and success guru – Tony Robbins, releases a book with the word: “Money” in capital letters in the title, it becomes compulsory reading. This book is extremely informative and covers everything you need to know about managing your finances and conditioning your mind to become more financially abundant! He teaches you how to look after your money and how to use it wisely, such as investing in pensions. Investing money is definitely the best way to secure your financial future. With that in mind, you might want to consider investing in and trading stocks - why not consult the help of this Depotvergleich (depot comparison) for more information? Throughout the book you will find case studies, secrets of the rich, practices you can apply to your life straight away, activities to complete, and much more! If you’re already a fan of Tony Robbins’ work then this book is a must-read! On the other hand, if you prefer reading a book rather than listening to a motivational speaker, this book is a required read!

Think and Grow Rich

This classic had to make the list! Despite the fact that this book was originally published in the middle of the 20th century, its teachings are still very much relevant today. It’s just perfect at discussing our attitudes and behaviour towards money, as well as what achieving financial wealth can do for us. It’s one of the best books for helping to boost your confidence, reaffirm your abilities, and help you feel better equipped with the knowledge you need to “get rich”.

You Are a Badass at Making Money

If you’ve read any of the other ‘badass’ series of books, you will like this one. It retains the same to-the-point language as in the other 'badass' books, in view of encouraging you to get motivated and take action. What I really like about this book is that it’s broken down into short chapters with a mini activity to complete at the end of each stage. It’s inspiring, easy-to-digest, and will turn your money doubts into a positive attitude towards your finances.
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