Looking for more ways to bond and have fun with your dog? Canine Cottages has shared a new fun workout for both you and your pooch! Fitness influencer Amy Lou Perry has choreographed the dog-orientated workout routine and will be hosting a livestream of the workout on her insta-famous dog’s Instagram on 31st March. Exercises include dog-orientated planks, lunges, and burpees.

Up until that happy day when you get your first pet, you can never fully understand how much they become a part of the family. As many of you dog owners will know, our furry friends take up a huge space in our lives and in our hearts. We establish an extremely close connection with them and share everything with them. Recently a survey was carried out that reveals how the UK is a nation of soppy dog owners who love to spoil and pamper their pets. It sheds light on the habits the nation indulges to make their dog feel loved and part of the family, plus the breeds that are the most spoilt by their owners!

This Christmas gift guide is all about gifts for her. Stylish and sophisticated gift ideas for your female friends and relatives. Generally when Christmas shopping, it is best to surprise Children, give men items that they need, and buy women presents that they want! This list of gifts for her will make your Christmas shopping for the girls in your life much easier. And don't worry about cost either - there is something in this gift guide to suit every budget!

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