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Last month we decided to try out reusable coffee pods. If you have a coffee machine that uses coffee pods or coffee capsules then you might be considering switching over to using reusable coffee capsules. What we wanted to know was if reusable coffee pods were actually worth it? They claim to work out more cost-effective, better for the environment, and give you the option to enjoy a wider range of coffees. So we decided to test them out to see whether it’s worth making the switch.

As any vegan or vegetarian knows, finding good places to eat can be difficult. This has a massive impact when you're thinking about travelling or even relocating because not all areas cater to non meat eaters. We were really interested to find out what cities are the best for vegetarians to visit and live in. Can you guess which cities are most suitable for vegetarians?

In May 2019, we attended the Webit Festival where we discovered many amazing brands and innovative products. Among them was CUPFFEE - a company that sells unique edible coffee cups. Anybody who has been to a large event of any kind will appreciate just how much waste is produced owing to the amount of water bottles, take-out coffees and other snacks and beverages consumed. CUPFFEE helped to eliminate that issue this year by encouraging attendees to drink their coffees from their own ethical, edible coffee cups. We tried them and loved them! They are such a fantastic invention and it's not often you come across an environmentally-friendly product that is so fun and enjoyable to use. We were lucky enough to interview CUPFFEE about their edible coffee cups to give you a better insight into their brand and products.

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