Why are women who dress for success often more successful in business and in life? Could a better personal style bring you a higher salary? Look at some of the most successful women in business, one of their admired assets is their enviable style. They look glamorous and well dressed but they also appear confident and comfortable within themselves as a whole. Obviously, it isn’t just down to their style but rather a clever combination of business knowledge, business branding and personal style branding – the perfect combination for a better business and salary.

At Online Personal Stylist, we love it when we discover a trendy, multifunctional item. What with the rise in people living a nomadic lifestyle and of course, many people wanting to streamline their wardrobes, we feel that these Loom travel shoes are the footwear we never knew we needed so badly! Suitable for all weather conditions and terrains, here are 8 reasons why Loom shoes are the best footwear for travellers and minimalists!

Every girl looks forward to saying goodbye to the warm, oversized clothes from the winter season to embrace the sunny season of cute shorts and crop tops. Summer brings with it the desire to try and experiment with different looks with new and exciting trends. Still, everyone knows that there are certain essential fashion items that most girls cannot do without. Experimenting and combining new design details with these foundational fashion items can give you a new look every time you step out of the house. Here are some of the items that we consider a must-have for this summer season.

With approximately 981K people around the globe looking online for trainers every month (according to Google searches), it is safe to say they are a staple in everyone’s wardrobes. Dressed up or dressed down, they bring both versatility and comfort. With that in mind, the experts at OnBuy Costumes sought to find out which are the most popular designer trainers of all time!

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