There’s so much information out there about all the things we can add to our daily routine to feel more positive and to be the best version of ourselves but what about when that all feels a bit too much?! In 2018 I made some small but significant changes to the way I ran my personal and business life and they’ve made a huge difference. These five small changes allowed me to live a more positive life in 2018, none of which took up more than 5 minutes of my time each day!

As we prepare to enter year 2019, I am sure that many of you are contemplating setting goals and targets for the year ahead. I’ve yet to set mine for next year. I’m not sure this year whether to set any goals this year or whether I will instead pursue positivity, the feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction in my work. One thing I have found to be inspiring and motivating is something I did for the first time at the beginning of this year.

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