What shoes should you wear with a dress


What Shoes Should You Wear With a Dress?


What Shoes Should You Wear With a Dress?

What shoes should you wear with a dress? This is your extensive guide to styling different dresses with every type of footwear!
The successful combination of clothes with the right shoes and accessories is a matter of perspective. Although certain fashion items are known for making the majority of us look and feel sensational, it all comes down to individual choice. In most cases, when dressing we rely on pin pointing the most comfortable yet elegant solutions that suit our day to day lives. Generally, when we put on a new outfit or pair of shoes, we aim to gain some sense of satisfaction from our reflection in the mirror.


However, before we rush to update our collection of elegant shoes, we need to "move with the times" and consider what is trendy at the moment and how we can get more out of our wardrobes by mixing and matching formal and informal garments. Instead of keeping your pretty dresses for those special occasions, why not try switching up your footwear and turn your dresses into something you can wear on an everyday basis?

What shoes should you wear with a dress

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What Shoes Should You Wear With a Dress?

Gone are the days when dresses were only meant to be worn with heels and sophisticated shoes. Over the past year, we’ve seen more girls and women wearing sneakers with dresses – even when going out to parties and for evening wear. Biker boots or riding boots are perfect for when the weather is colder but you still want to rock a dress. Plus, boots and dresses are such a fun way to make a feminine dress look more casual. Then there are sandals and ballet pumps, which offer a more elegant appearance but far more comfortable than wearing high heels.

Choosing the right footwear to wear with your dress depends on a few basic style factors. Here are some helpful tips on how to pick the right shoes for different types of dresses:

  1. Calf length - at first glance this style of dress appears quite easy to style but in actual fact, it can be quite demanding. There are two options here - combine this type of dress with elegant high-heeled shoes (for summer dress styles), or wear them with closed platform or medium heels. In order not to make the legs look shorter than they are, you need to pay attention to whether the shoes or sandals "cut off" the ankle or not;
  2. Long sports dress - this type of clothing gives us the freedom to experiment freely, because it is unpretentious and does not require us to wear elegant or formal shoes at all. This kind of dress goes well even with sneakers and pumps. The end result in both cases is a modern casual look that you can radiate anywhere;
  3. Short dress above the knee - often worn during the summer, it can be worn with literally any type of shoes - elegant, with thin and thick heels, trainers, espadrilles, low flat pumps, ballerina pumps, moccasins and more. When selecting the right shoe for this dress, it is good to take into account the main purpose of the garment - if it is formal, it is nice to combine with black (or another colour) sandals with thin straps and closed high-heeled shoes. If the dress is casual - you can choose from practically any type of footwear;
  4. Open neckline, straps and delicate cut - this type of dress has become a top fashion item in recent years and they can be worn with both heels and sports shoes. Again, they look very elegant and are suitable for every day, but also for special occasions.
What shoes should you wear with a dress

Can We Wear Dresses with Trainers?

You absolutely can wear any elegant dress with trainers. This eclectic and frankly unusual combination not only looks great, but also offers comfort and practicality. At one time, it would have been seen as inappropriate for a lady’s dress to be worn with sneakers – not too long ago in fact, but thankfully things have changed. Rules for conservative dressing, not to mention attitudes,

What shoes should you wear with a dress

When Should You Wear Trainers with Dresses?

Elegant shoes are worn constantly. Every woman should have at least one pair of them in her closet so that they are always at her disposal when she needs to whip them out and feel fabulous! That said, trainers are just as important! Although we'd all love to live our lives wearing glamorous shoes and heels, reality for most of us looks a little different. It's always a good idea to have some sort of comfortable flat shoes in your wardrobe, no matter whether it's boots, pumps or trainers. You can wear your sneakers with your dresses whenever you choose, unless a set dress code suggests otherwise!