The Dress Code to Follow When Dressing Up for a Wedding


The Dress Code to Follow When Dressing Up for a Wedding


The Dress Code to Follow When Dressing Up for a Wedding


Weddings are an occasion when we take a little extra time to decide what to wear. For weddings, even men take a substantial amount of time to dress up. It is a chic social gathering where everyone wants to look as elegant as they can. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while getting dressed for a wedding. These events are more of a family-oriented event with a certain dress code. Even though you are expected to have fun, you still need to distinguish the event from a regular party where dress codes have a much larger scope. So let’s have a look at some basic principles to follow when dressing up for weddings.

Don't Pick a White Dress

The most crucial rule for women while selecting a dress to attend a marriage is to stay away from white or even off-white colours. The wedding day is obviously a special day for a bride who is supposed to be the centre of attention. Wearing a dress that matches the bride’s dress would not be a very thoughtful idea. Instead, go for other vibrant summer colours and pick up an elegant dress that will accentuate your beauty.

The Dresscode to Follow When Dressing Up for a Wedding


Don't Wear Denim

A lot of men end up slipping on a pair of denim jeans and simply throw a blazer over it. It is true that some weddings have a semi-formal feel to it but you should never really go as low as denim. Jeans are a symbol of casual wear and weddings in their ethics are actually formal affairs. You can instead select a smart pair of pants that would go much better with the smart blazer that you always like to wear.



Heels are the Only Option

Strictly stay away from casual women’s footwear and take the pains of slipping into something formal like heels. If the aim is to look elegant at the wedding then heels are the best option for you. The fashion research team at JustFab shoes & clothing for women have determined that stilettos and wedges are the most trusted options when it comes to weddings. Though, you’ll have to consider selecting a colour that will be in harmony with your dress.

The Dresscode to Follow When Dressing Up for a Wedding

Don't Go Overboard with Jewellery

We all wish to flaunt our diamonds and our gold ornaments. Weddings are the perfect occasion to get your favourite piece of jewellery out. Enjoy showing off your priceless possessions but do remember not go overboard with it. Don’t load yourself with multiple articles. Instead, select a few of your favourites to keep it simple and elegant.


Modesty Needs to Be Maintained

Since weddings are a family-oriented affair, you should obviously have to keep some modesty. Even if your dress is showing a bit more skin than it should, you could simply carry around a smart shawl or a stole around with you so that you can cover up around children. A smart stole also goes very well with a lot of dresses and looks simply fabulous. Try not to wear a dress with a deep neck that shows a tad bit too much for a family function.


Marriages are a joyful time with spirits running high for everyone. It’s always a good idea to be aware of what is considered presentable for the occasion. Follow these simple principles to avoid messing up your attire for a wedding.

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