Lilac Crush: Planning A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields


Lilac Crush: Planning A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields


Lilac Crush: Planning A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields

Looking for a calming break to a beautiful destination? Why not visit the lavender fields in the scenic region of Provence in France? It's an unforgettable experience that offers you breathtaking views and some well earned peace and quiet!
A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields

Visiting the Lavender Fields in Provence

The lavender fields in Provence are among the most famous in the world. What makes this region so popular is that the lavender fields in Provence are well kept and incredibly picturesque! You might have seen those stunning images of fields full of orderly rows of lavender plants on social media. Not all lavender fields look as neat and photogenic as these, which is why Provence is so popular among visitors from all over the world. It's the perfect place to whip out your camera for a unique photo shoot opportunity. It's worth noting that you will probably need to hire a car to get to the area, unless you arrange a trip to the fields, like this Luberon Lavender Experience.


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Luberon Lavender Experience

Luberon is the best place to go for your lavender field experience. Luberon is a breathtaking area of Provence that boasts vineyards, olive groves, hilltop villages and history. Some of the hilltop villages in Luberon date back 1000 years! The lavender grown in Luberon is the most fragrant form of the flower. There are different fragrant strengths among lavender plants and Lavandin is the most aromatic of them all. Provence's lavender is Lavandin - a strong, full-bodied delightful scent. The best months to visit are June and July when the lavender fields thrive in the hot, sunny weather. Summers in Provence are hot and sunny. The temperatures typically reach 30 degrees during the daytime and in the evening it's slightly cooler.
A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields

The Lavender Museum

There's also a Lavender Museum in Provence, which is a must visit after you've seen the lavender fields. It offers tours, workshops and activities. At the museum you will learn more about the lavender plant and you can even watch lavender being distilled in front of you. If you have your own supply of lavender clippings, you can take them to the museum to be distilled for free. I'd recommend booking your trip through The Inspire Me Travel Company and booking their Luberon Lavender Experience. This package includes transportation from your hotel to the lavender fields, a picnic in the heart of the Luberon Regional Park, and a trip to the Lavender Museum, where you will get to create your own lavender sachet!
A Calming Break to the Lavender Fields

Photography Tips for Visiting the Lavender Fields

Admittedly, the lavender fields are so beautiful that even an amateur photographer would struggle to get a bad photo of the area. However, if you want to get the best photos possible while on your trip, here are a few points to bear in mind. In the middle of the day, the colour of the lavender appears highly pigmented and therefore is at its most vibrant. At sunrise or sunset, the lavender looks a little different - possessing either a light blue or pink hue. Sunrise and sunset are fantastic times to take photos but you're sure to achieve stunning photographs at any time of day. If you plan on taking a drone to photograph the lavender fields, try to stick to sunset or sunrise, so as not to aggravate or harm the bees in the area.

Planning a Trip to the Lavender Fields

If you'd like to take a trip to the lavender fields, I'd recommend planning ahead to make sure that you don't miss out on this wonderful experience. You may have seen my recent trip to the sunflower fields. This was a last minute visit but lucky for me, there is a large sunflower field close by to where I live. Usually, I miss the chance to visit the lavender, rose or sunflower fields because they're only in full bloom for a limited time. June and July are typically the best times to visit any of these fields. The flowers are harvested at the end of July, so you need to be on the ball with planning your visit.

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