How to Wear White Trousers


How to Wear White Trousers


How to Wear White Trousers

Most of us tend to have a love-hate relationship with white trousers and it is understandable why. But don't let that stop you from wearing white trousers or jeans. Everybody can wear white trousers or jeans. These styling tips and tricks will teach you how to find the right pair of white trousers for you and how to wear them well!

How to Wear White Trousers

How to Wear White Trousers
What with summer coming, lighter coloured trousers and jeans seem like an excellent idea but before rushing out to buy a pair only for them to then sit at the back of your wardrobe, do take notes of these all important tips and tricks which will help you to pull off the look with ease.
Anybody can wear white trousers but it is worth remembering these top tips so that you know what to look for should you choose to buy a pair:
  • Unless you are trying to go for a retro/60's style look, avoid going for a real black and white look where you wear white trousers and a black top and shoes.
  • If pairing your white trousers with either a black top or pair of shoes make sure the other item (either the top or the shoes) is not black. The complete black and white look can look very dated.
  • Try to choose different coloured top and shoes so that you don't clash or look too uniformed. For e.g. like in my picture above, try pairing a dark green top with navy/dark blue shoes, or choose two other colours that are similar to each other but not exactly the same.
  • ALWAYS opt for the pair that is slightly bigger rather than the pair that may be a bit small or tight for you. Skin tight trousers can look really good in some colours but when they are white it is a definite no. They don't have to be baggy, they just need to be not too snug.
  • Remember that you can wear white jeans with any colour, white is really universal and so you can wear any top or pair of shoes with a pair of white trousers, so long as you remember tip 3 and differentiate the colour of your top and shoes slightly so as not to clash. No matter what colour items of clothing you have in your wardrobe, you will definitely have something to go with a classic pair of white trousers.