Feel Lithuania’s Rhythm: Famous Disco Sounds from Country’s Eurovision Entry to Inspire New Tourism Campaign


Feel Lithuania’s Rhythm: Famous Disco Sounds from Country’s Eurovision Entry to Inspire New Tourism Campaign


Feel Lithuania’s Rhythm: Famous Disco Sounds from Country’s Eurovision Entry to Inspire New Tourism Campaign

In collaboration with The Roop—Lithuania’s Eurovision representative and travel ambassador—Lithuania Travel, the country’s national tourism development agency, has launched a new campaign titled “Break Your Screen Routine in Lithuania.” This new initiative celebrates the vast selection of sensory experiences provided by the country’s cities, architecture, nature, and crafts, and starts off with The Roop’s invitation to replace the bothersome smartphone notifications with real Lithuanian sounds.
Lithuania Travel

The Roop, Lithuania’s travel ambassador, © Lithuania Travel

May 11, 2021. Collaborating with the 2021 Eurovision representatives The Roop, Lithuania Travel, the country’s national tourism development agency, is launching a new campaign called “Break Your Screen Routine in Lithuania.” Since the initiative seeks to reawaken people’s senses after lockdown, the band—as Lithuania’s new travel ambassador—invites the visitors of their home country to Feel, See and Hear Lithuania.
Inspired by Lithuania’s diverse world of sound, the campaign-dedicated website starts off with The Roop encouraging travelers to leave their smartphone-dominated digital lockdown routines and engage their ears in exploring the country’s cities, nature, and crafts. In one of the campaign’s videos, the band leader shares his special techniques for escaping bothersome notification pop-ups and tapping into Lithuania’s musical rhythm to relax from the digital sounds.
“Round-the-clock notifications, high-pitched alert bleeps, and buzzing smart devices have been a major part of many people’s quarantine experience. But it’s not like I spent the entire lockdown in the digital realm,” said Vaidotas Valiukevičius, The Roop’s leader. “To this day, walks in the Lithuanian cities and short trips to the nearby lakes have been a way to cleanse my senses after long rehearsals and to keep the creative juices flowing. I feel like embracing the natural world of sound is a great way to transition from the lockdown way of life. So, I’d like to encourage everyone to stop scrolling and start exploring Lithuania!”
The campaign will introduce the country’s visitors to the broad selection of auditory experiences ranging from the sounds of fire-breathing air balloons scraping the capital’s skies to the bright voices of crickets and cicadas in Lithuania’s nature discotheque. In addition to the palette of sensations in Lithuanian cities and nature, the content will cover the fun and ear-stimulating Lithuanian crafts. It will feature the rustling leaves at a bath-broom-crafting workshop, the sizzling beeswax as it is shaped into a candle, and many other sounds of traditional Lithuanian craftsmanship.
“I’m very grateful for being able to represent Lithuania not only in the European music scene but also in the world of tourism. While we are the first country to appear on the Eurovision stage, I hope Lithuania also makes it to the very top of many people’s bucket lists this year,” said The Roop’s leader.
Lithuania’s representatives will perform Discoteque in the first Semi-Final on May 18th, opening the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.
The country’s new “Break Your Screen Routine in Lithuania” tourism campaign introducing the hearing-based Lithuanian experiences launches on May 11th. In the upcoming month, the initiative will also cover the touch-based and visual activities that Lithuania together with its travel ambassador The Roop has on offer this year.