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Minnirella is a fashion and lifestyle magazine for the stylish, independent woman, who prefers to digest life in an aesthetically-pleasing way! Our aim is to inspire and educate our readers to do amazing things and to live their best, most positive lives! We’re not all about fashion though. We like to cover a diverse range of topics, ranging from global issues, travel, business and beauty. 

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Minnirella offers a wide range of stylish clothing and accessories for women. Each of our garments is designed with style and adventure in mind. Our customer is a strong, independent woman who want to look and feel amazing, while doing exciting things with her life! That is why we design all of our collections with the Minnirella woman in mind! We create clothing and accessories that were meant to be seen. Minnirella designs are functional, durable and suitable for busy lifestyles, while retaining style and elegance in ever fabric fibre.


Our brand is passionate about ethical practices, which is why our headquarters are located across mainland Europe, where all of our employees enjoy fair pay and a happy working environment. In addition to ethical working practices, we at Minnirella strive to do our best when it comes to sustainability too. This is why we have a pre-loved section, so as to help find new homes for deserving second hand fashion items that are still in good condition. Please note that Minnirella is not a second hand or vintage brand. You will find all second hand items for sale in our “Vintage” or “Pre-Loved” categories. All other items listed on www.minnirella.com are brand new items, designed and manufactured by Minnirella.


Our Team

At Minnirella we have a dedicated team of professional writers and creatives. We have a dynamic team of regular feature editors and contributors, each of whom bring different skills and experiences to our magazine.

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Interested in working for us? Please email admin@minnirella.com for all career enquiries.

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“Dressing well in clothes that you love is the new luxury fashion!

Fashion is less an exhibit of beauty, 

but more an expression of who we are, what we believe in,

our personal values and how we can influence people!”

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