May 2020

Ballet wear is both sophisticated and calming. There is no sport or type of dance that is more elegant or admirable than ballet – or at least that’s how I feel anyway.  I experimented with a series of ballet classes in my teen years but I feel that my ballet ambitions arrived a little too late for me to really master this beautiful art. That said, this hasn’t stopped me from embracing my inner ballerina over the years by incorporating ballet-inspired items into my wardrobe and lifestyle and you can do the same! Raise the barre in both your fashion and lifestyle game with this stunning collection of on pointe ballerina-esque items.

Blonde hair is iconic, timeless and generally the most desired choice of hair colour. However, maintaining beautiful, bright blonde hair is another matter. There’s no denying that blonde hair requires a lot of upkeep, yet that hasn’t stopped our obsession with achieving the perfect shade of platinum or any other shade of blonde. Luckily for those of us with blonde ambition, there are a number of excellent hair care products on the market that will help to maintain the colour and the condition of your locks!

A fashion glossary listing all of the different types of skirts. A skirt is an item of clothing worn by women. It is an outer garment which fastens at the waist and hangs down around the legs. Lengths of skirts vary from short to long, and the shapes and styles vary too. Below is a list of all types of skirts, along with a description and image demonstrating how they appear.

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